The latest "News" from the Lodge as it happens.


06 February 2020 - Grand Lodge announced a one year amnesty today. This means that lapsed members now only require to pay one year Test Fees in order to return to being clear in the Books of their Mother Lodge. It is hoped that members will take advantage of this concession. A warm welcome awaits you. Why not enquire of the Lodge Secretary in regard to the present Test Fee.

9th January 2022 - Senior Members dinner has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions. The Lodge did however rise to the challenge by distributing over 50 pre-cooked dinners to its senior members. This was much appreciated by the recipients and contact was maintained in these difficult times. 

16th December 2021 - The Annual Installation will take place at 7.15 pm under strict COVID-19 protocols.

30th November 2021 - Brother Sandy Thomson P.M. awarded the Honorary Grand Rank of Senior Deacon.

4th September 2021 - Provincial Grand Master finally installed in Lodge St. John Tulliallan No. 598 when Past Master Brother Michael Ian Grover officially took up the Office of Provincial Grand Senior Chaplain and Past Master Brother William Stewart Jeffray was confirmed as Provincial Grand Standard Bearer.

23rd August 2021 - General Committee Meeting of the Lodge called for 30th August at 7.00 pm to discuss the way forward.

11th August 2021 - Heads of Masonic Orders met and agreed that Masonic Meetings could resume in September 2021 subject to Scottish Government restrictions.

9th June 2021 - Heads of Scottish Masonic Orders met. Following extensive discussion, and providing there is no negative change to the current Covid-19 circumstances, Heads of Orders were unanimous in the view that Masonic activity may resume in the early Autumn 2021 subject to Scottish Government restrictions in force at the material time. A further Heads of Order meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 11th August 2021.